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The new Trader 42 Signature is a finalist in the best Passagemaker category and the Motor Boat Awards
That the Trader 42 Signature is the smallest yacht in the category and is up against some very serious and vastly more expensive machines is a testament to our design ethos and engineering quality.
Having been lauded as a "Star of Southampton" by Motor Boat And Yachting for the exceptional refinement, practical layout, striking design and comprehensive specification delivered at a very high quality and a strikingly sensible price, the Trader 42 Signature stands shoulder to shoulder with some the titans of the cruising world.
Proven offshore and on inland waterways, easily run by a couple and intelligently designed to make the most of time afloat, the Trader 42 Signature is a remarkable cruising machine.
The prestigious awards, run by the staff of Motor Boat And Yachting magazine and sponsored by Side-Power are presented in a fabulous ceremony at London's Rosewood Hotel in January.
Trader 42 Award Finalist
See the new Trader 42 Signature at Southampton Boat Show, on berth 135
Already the most successful Trader model, the Trader 42 Signature has been completely reimagined to enhance the enjoyment of being afloat. Technical innovations include a new drivetrain for exceptional refinement, joystick control for fingertip control and central heating for unrivalled comfort.
With a striking new style and luxurious finishes the new Trader 42 Signature is our most comfortable home from home and most capable cruising motor yacht yet.
Come and see our future for yourself at this year's Southampton Boat Show. We look forward to welcoming you on board on berth 135.
The new Trader 42
Southampton Boat Show
The new Trader 42
The New Trader 42
See us at Southampton - Berth 237

We look forward to welcoming everyone on board the Trader 42 Signature Soul Trader on berth 237 at Southampton this year.

This exquisite boat is now offered for sale and we will also have on board full details of all our other great brokerage listings. We will also be delighted to share our new projects with you - the remarkable new 42 Signature and our radical new 58 Sunliner.
SBS 2016
Soul Trader
Trader 58
New Trader Testing

The latest new Trader model is nearing completion and undergoing comprehensive testing.

As well as the new glazing and styling features, the onboard systems have been comprehensive reimagined for greater refinement underway and comfort on board.
Each of these sophisticated systems, from the joystick control to the central heating will be tested in factory and at sea conditions before this great new craft will be signed off.
New Trader 42
Rolling to the Baltic
Rolling Swiss II in the Baltic

This year has seen the intrepid crews of the Cruising Club of Switzerland set sail for the Baltic in their trusty Trader 42 Signature, Rolling Swiss II.

The boat is a standard 3-cabin 42, which runs seven days a week for a six month long season each year. Setting off from Holland, they have travelled through the Keil and Gota canals, venturing as far afield as the beautiful port city of Tallinn in Estonia. En route, they have explored some of the most beautiful and challenging cruising grounds in Northern Europe, including the Swedish Archipelago and the islands of Finland.
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Rolling Swiss II Itinery
The new Trader 42 Signature is in build
The Trader 42 Signature has already proven to be one of the most popular boats in her class and a cruising motor yacht of unrivalled versatility.

This very special model has received more than 120 new developments on board, all designed to enhance the Trader 42 Signature’s appeal as a passagemaking yacht and a home afloat. Highlights include new glazing, giving the best views afloat, and a docking joystick for unrivalled manoeuvrability.

Discover more about our exciting new projects on the water at Southampton on berth 238.
Rolling Swiss II - 42 on tour
The hardest working motor yacht has had another fantastic year...
Since leaving the Solent in March she
has taken CCS club members around the English Channel and, after a trip up the Thames, on to the beautiful cruising grounds of the Baltic. Rolling Swiss II is a standard three cabin Trader 42, designed to carry six adults in comfort.
Cruising non stop for six months each year and having been as far afield as St. Petersburg, Northern Sweden and even Switzerland, she has covered some 40,000 miles and introduced hundreds of CCS members to passagemaking.
Through the French canals
With a 3.5m airdraft, the Trader 42 Signature was always conceived with the inland waterways of Europe
in mind....
Several 42s have enjoyed extensive cruises in the Netherlands, and two different routes to the Mediterranean through France have also been achieved. After taking the Seine to Paris, one route heads east to Toul along the Marne before heading South. The other route follows the Loing, Loire and Centre Canals. Both meet up at Chalon-Sur-Saone before following the mighty Soane and Rhone rivers South. The Rhone itself leads into the Mediterranean, or the Petie Rhone canal takes you West and into the sea at the beautiful port town of Sete.
Rolling Swiss II - Home for the Winter...
After another six months non-stop cruising and now with 30,000 miles at sea and an incredible 4,820 engine hours clocked up Rolling Swiss II has come home to us in Southampton.
A standard Trader 42 Signature, Rolling Swiss II hosts different crews of up to six people for twenty nine consecutive week long cruises each year.
It is a great testament to the way our boats are designed, engineered and built, as well as the meticulous planning by the Cruising Club Switzerland that these annual odysseys are accomplished in such fine style.
Since leaving Medemblik in Holland in April, Rolling Swiss II has taken her intrepid club crews to some of their favourite cruising hot spots.
Because the club has a committment to training and education, challenging waters and navigation are as much a part of CCS life as the more congenial aspects of cruising. This year has seen several Channel crossings and the crews manage the traffic in the Solent, the tides of the Channel islands and the Biscay waters of Brittany.
One crew undertook their RYA Yachtmaster exams while for a completely different kind of cruising experience, other crews took to the rivers with Rolling Swiss II visiting London and Paris.
You can view this extraordinary motor yacht over the winter at Universal Marina in Southampton, and follow her adventures on the CCS blog...
Trader 42 featured in MBY's Used Boat Article...
Motor Boat and Yachting Magazine have been spending time on our Trader 42s for their used boat special feature this month.  Don’t miss the magazine to find out how
Chris Jefferies got on.

"Designed to be comfortable to live on for weeks at a time and with a proven reputation for soaking up the miles and shrugging off the years, the Trader 42 makes a solid second-hand buy whose value and appeal should hold firm for many more years to come." MBY

The boat featured in the article has been sold to new owners, but we have a number of fine 42s on our books which you can see on our brokerage listings.
Don't Miss the "French Connection"...
– a mesmerising cruise through Impressionist country and straight into the heart of the world's most romantic city".
Toby cruises the river Seine to Paris on board a Trader 42 with her new owners, in this month's Motorboat and Yachting Magazine.
From the mountains of Switzerland to the fjords of Norway –
a year with the Trader 42 Signature Rolling Swiss II
Having wintered in Switzerland, Rolling Swiss II was sailed up the
Rhine to Holland before heading into the North Sea and up to the Kiel Canal.
After cruising through Denmark and making the short hop to Norway she made her way north along the spectacular coast to Bergen and Kristiansund. Although many people visit these fjords on the huge cruise ships, your own yacht gives an altogether experience and access
to the smaller harbours. Rolling Swiss II returned south and follwed the Swedish coast on her way to Holland.

Since being lunched in 2010, Rolling Swiss II has covered more than 20,000 nautical miles.

The year in numbers:
27 weeks at sea
5,872 nautical miles covered
909 engine hours clocked
141 CCS skippers and crew on board
 You can follow the experiences of club members on their blog HERE.
900 miles in four days?
Read Toby's Biscay Log here
Trader 42 voyage to Norway - follow the blog!
Richard and Elvia are on their Trader 42 Signature HT Oceanstar, and
cruising to Scandinavia from the UK for the summer.
With a variety of inland and open water passeages, and plenty of different cultures,
it's a fascinating trip. You can follow their voyage and learn from their cruising experiences by foloowing their blog by clicking below.
Through the Canals of France
Both boats are standard Trader 42s, equipped with optional powered radar arch mechanism to make lowering and raising it easier.
Dick and Olga Fogwill will be the first on their way, leaving later this month from their home on the Thames on board Silverwind and making their way onto Southern Spain after crossing France.
The Trader 42 Signature was designed to be one of the most versatile motor yachts afloat, with CE Category A rating for serious offshore cruising – an ability that has been proven many times by the long voyages undertaken by many of the owners of these boats.
The standard version of 42 also boasts an airdraft of just 3.5m with the radar arch down which gives access to the canals of Europe.  In 2013, two Trader 42s will be embarking on the exciting voyage to the Mediterranean through the canals and rivers of France.
The route the 42s will be taking is up the River Seine through Paris and then through the Mammès, Loing, Briare and Centre Canals.  The boats will then rejoin the river network, first into the Soane and then the Rhone for the run south to the Mediterranean Sea.
Rolling Swiss II - 2012 round up

In her second full season operating as part of the CCS fleet, Rolling Swiss II has made a remarkable journey.

Since leaving Holland in March she has voyaged through the Baltic, the beautiful Finish Archipelago, dropped into Estonia and visited the beautiful Russian city of St Petersburg for the festival of Summer Nights. She then returned to Holland via the Gota Canal in Sweden.
That's 6,000 miles and 8 countries in 31 weeks.
And it doesn't stop there – in the middle of October, Rolling Swiss II was on the move again. This time it's inland, along the Rhine and into Switzerland itself. There the boat will guest at the Cruising Club of Switzerland's annual general meeting and be exhibited at the Berne Boat Show in February.
You can follow the experiences of club members on their blog HERE.
Trader 42 Signature at Southampton
Boat Show

Thanks to everyone who visited us on the boat at this year's show.

Apart from the deluge of the last day, we were blessed with exceptional weather
this time, and our 42 loked particularly resplendent with her beautifully finished blue hull cutting a dash amongst the other boats. Interest levels were high in new and used Traders, and we enjoyed discussing the boats, cruising and some new model information with all the enthusiasts.
New guide to all the classic Trader models
Because of the build quality, spacious accommodation and sea-going abilities, Trader have always been popular on the second hand market. Because of the semi-custom nature of these boats, a wide variety of models and features were made.
Trader Motor Yachts has used it's comprehensive archive to produce a complete guide to all the classic Trader boats. The guide details the major models and features since 1979 to provide an invaluable resource to anyone looking to purchase a used Trader.
Click here to download your free copy of the guide.
Rolling Swiss II – plans for 2012
The voyages of the Trader 42 Roliing Swiss II and her Swiss crews have been much admired. Journalists from Boote magazine in Germany joined a training cruise with skipper Marc Pingoud, and you can read their story here.

Following their first visit into the Baltic last season, Rolling Swiss II and the crews of the Cruising Club Switzerland are getting ready for even greater adventures this year. Setting sail in March from Holland, they will be making their way back to Scandinavia via the Kiel Canal.

The plan is to cruise the Swedish archipelago and visit Stockholm before setting off for Finland. The highlight of this year’s programme will then be the visit to St Petersburg. During the mid summer, when it is almost light right around the clock, the bridges over the River Neva are opened and Rolling Swiss II will make a night cruise through the historic Russian city.

On the way back, CCS members will also get to traverse the inland water ways of Sweden by taking the Göta-Kanal to Göteborg. After a visit to Copenhagen, and another trip through the Kiel Canal, the Trader and her crew are going to head right into the middle of Europe by taking the Rhine River all the way to Basel in Switzerland. They have already nicknamed this trip “Rolling Home”.

It’s an incredible programme for the Club, and their much-loved motor yacht.  We wish them all the very best for this adventure.
 You can follow the experiences of club members on their blog HERE.
New Trader Concepts presented at Southampton Boat Show

Show visitors on board the magnificent Trader 42 Signature Soul Trader were excited to see the first hints of her big sister.

The new Trader 48 Signature will offer both low air draft and flybridge versions, while giving extended cruising potential with a whopping 3,000l fuel capacity. No information on the interior was presented, but you can expect all the comforts and innovations that are Trader halllmarks, and a very spacious feel thanks to a 15'9'' beam.
Also previewed was a beautiful design for the Trader 58 Sunliner; another pilothouse blue water cruiser and clearly sharing the elegant design DNA of the magnificent 64.
More details on these and other new Trader concepts are expected in the new year.
Trader 48 Signature (above) and Trader 58 Sunliner (below)
Rolling Swiss II completes another successful season
With Rolling Swiss II safely laid up for the winter in Holland, it's time
to reflect on the 2011 season of this hardest working boat.
A standard Trader 42 Signature, she is run by the Crusing Club Switzerland as their
only motor boat and is run in a non-stop cruising and training programme from March till October each year. Highlights in 2011 included practicing air sea rescue with the Solent Coastguard, hosting journalists from Germany Boote magazine and visitng the beautiful Limfjord in Northern Denmark.

The remarkable statistics are:

25 cruises over 26 weeks at sea
126 different ports visited in 7 countries
883 engines hours clocked up
3 oil changes
5099 nautical miles overed
146 Cruising Club Switzerland members hosted on board
You can see more of her adventures by following the blog at:
Rolling Swiss II, 1,000 hours on the clock

This hardest working motor yacht has just passed a new milestone – 1,000 running hours.

In her first year, this remarkable boat has taken club members on seven months worth of seven days a week cruising. The thousand hours came up in the beautiful Limfjorden in Denmark..
This year's crews have already visited the Scilly Isles, Brittany, The Channel islands and the coasts of France, Holland and Germany. Rolling Swiss II will spend the rest of the season in Scandinavia, before returning to Holland for the winter.
You can follow her adventures on the crew blog and see what club members
think about their flagship motoryacht.
Rolling Swiss II – CCS head for Denmark

After her winter lay up at Universal on the Hamble and exhibition at the London Boat Show in January, the Trader 42 Signature Rolling Swiss II was
relaunched at the end of March and has begun her new cruising season.

In 2011, this most hard working of yachts will carry 150 members of the Cruising Club of Switzerland 5,000 miles over 26 weeks on a cruising program from the Solent to Denmark and the Island of Ruegen in the Baltic before returning to Holland for the winter.
Appropriately, the first cruise consisted of the flag officers of the club and began with the Commodore, Beat M. Schifferli, cooking a celebratory meal on board, with a special toast for Marc Pingoud who manages the boat and her cruises for the club.
For the second cruise, they welcomed CCS members for a motoryacht training
program and journalists from the German yachting magazine Boote who were interested to see how the club operates and to trial their new boat.
Follow their adventures on the blog –
Trader at the London Boat Show

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to visit us at the London Boat Show.

We had a great time showing the
Trader 42 Rolling Swiss II
to an
extraordinary number of visitors, and Marc from the Cruising Club Switzerland couldn't believe how popular their boat proved, and how much interest there is in the unique way the club operates.
There were a number of changes to this year's show, including the Boardwalk area where the Trader was exhibited, and visitors we spoke to certainly felt the show was much improved.
Rolling Swiss II is now back at our base on the Hamble and is available for viewing until she leaves on her 2011 cruises in March. 4 other new Trader 42s and brokerage boats are also on site.
See the remarkable
Rolling Swiss II
on Stand M43
Delivered in June this year to the Cruising Club of Switzerland, this Trader 42 completed four months of non-stop cruising in Northern Europe this season.
Travelling between Portsmouth and Bremerhavn in Germany and back, she has crossed the Channel, the North Sea, been through the Dutch canals and up the Thames, taking 70 CCS members more than 2,700NM.
Come and see how the Trader deals with this intensive use at Excel.
Follow the blog –
Trader opens new UK sales office in Southampton
and delivers four new 42s to owners
Trader Motor Yachts Ltd has recently moved into a new sales office at Universal Marina on the Hamble.
Universal was chosen for the new office because of the convenient location, and the very pleasant environment of the Marina itself. Boats are on show on the site, including four brand new 42s which have just been delivered to their owners. This location, with direct access to the Solent by water, and easy connections by car, rail and plane is very convenient for anyone interested in a new or brokerage Trader.
As if any further evidence were needed of the popularity of the Trader 42 Signature, four of them were handed over to their new owners at a joint ceremony at the new Trader Motor Yachts sales office at Universal.
Owner of Silver Mist, Dick Fogwill, commented; “I believe that the Trader 42 represents the ideal cruising motor yacht; big enough to live on for long cruises yet small enough to get into the most charming marinas, strong enough to cope with rough seas and fitted out to am exceptionally luxurious standard”.
Trader Motor Yachts Ltd
10, Universal Marina, Sarisbury Green, Southampton SO31 7ZN
tel: +44 (0)3332 401 696

Trader 38 Sprint Wows at Southampton Boat Show
The Trader 38 Sprint has been turning heads at Southampton International Boat Show (10th-19th September), where she has wowed public and press alike.

The model combines cutting edge engineering with magnificent design
and the most revolutionary drive train on the water: Zeus by Cummins. This
package gives top performance and unrivalled handling, alongside the "home from home" feel and practicality that only a Trader can provide.

Boat Show visitors comments included: "Trader has thought of all the
details that are often overlooked!
" ... "The Sprint has everything that is
missing from my current boat – open spaces, lots of storage, incredible
" ... "I can't wait to try the Sprint on the water!"
To book in for a viewing or demo on the Sprint, or to request the new Sprint brochure, please contact the Trader sales team.
tel (sales, direct line):
+44 (0) 7825 810908
Trader 42 on Show in the Netherlands
The Trader Dealer for Germany & Benelux, Mazer Yachting,
are exhibiting at the HISWA
"On Water" boat show in the Netherlands, starting on
31st August 2010.

This magnificent Trader 42 Demonstrator (pictured here) will be on show and is for sale. Please contact Arjen Hoeksma at Mazer for more details about this boat, or to schedule a viewing during HISWA "On Water".

tel: +31 (0) 35 58 22 805
Trader 42 Welcomed into the Cruising Club of Switzerland
On June 17th the Cruising Club of Switzerland officially welcomed their new Trader 42 Signature into the fleet with a baptism on a stunning day at Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.

The Club's Commodore and several other senior members of the club's
management travelled to the South coast of England to celebrate the special occasion!

The CCS has chosen a three-cabin Trader 42 Signature as the club's second motoryacht. After doing comprehensive research for a 40-45ft motor boat, the Swiss club concluded that a Trader was the only choice. The 42’s Category A ocean-going capabilities, cutting-edge engineering and design, and spacious accommodation make her the ultimate long-range aft-cabin cruiser in this size category.

The CCS, the largest off-shore yachting organisation in Switzerland, boasts more than 6,000 members and has five sailing boats and two motor boats in operation. The Club organises touring schedules for each vessel, and Members can book week-long cruises and benefit from the club's skipper-training programme if they choose.

The Trader 42 "Rolling Swiss II" will be voyaging through Europe on her 2010 tour – to Saint-Malo, London, Amsterdam and beyond. The 2010 schedule for the Trader 42 was fully booked months in advance, by members of the Swiss club who cannot wait to get aboard her!
The Sprint has Arrived!
Trader Motor Yachts Ltd. has launched the Trader 38 Sprint,
an all-new high performance cruiser designed around the revolutionary "Zeus" pod propulsion system from Cummins.
"Zeus" combines the engine, power train and all control systems (including steering and helm interface)in one optimised package. The benefits of this are countless. The "sky hook" and joystick features combine to give unparalleled manoevrability, as the boat can move in any direction (as well as stop and hold in position) without the need for a bow thruster. Berthing in a tight spot, getting in and out of locks on the river, speeding off in to the distance after a lovely long lunch at anchor.... it's all never been easier!
But it's not all about the incredible drive system. The 38 Sprint also has the unique hand-crafted design features and throughtful engineering that you only find on a Trader. These include all the "home from home" touches that Trader is known for, such as walk-around side decks with high hand rails, generous berths with domestic levels of comfort, and ample storage. We have introduced some extra-special new features just for the Sprint though! The unique one-piece windscreen is one example, providing unbeatable visibility and a fantastic sporty feel to the saloon.
Motor Boats Monthly called the Sprint a "sleek sports cruiser", which "breaks the mould", while Motor Boat and Yachting has called the model "a thoroughly modern gentleman's runabout". Come and see for yourself! Call us on +44 1243 375211 or email to request a viewing or discuss this model.
Trader 75 Superyacht Launched
As with all Trader Motoryachts, below decks owners and guests have their own stairwells for greater privacy. The owners’ suite is aft and is a spacious 28ft. Featuring the signature Trader transom bayview window offering magnificent views as well as privacy, the Trader 75 Superyacht is designed
around the owner’s individual requirements.
The comprehensive system design of the Trader 75 Superyacht utilises the finest components available and full collaboration with the suppliers has helped to ensure full integration. Designed with comfortable and independent passage making in mind, the systems required for this type of cruising are supplied as standard.
The first Trader 75 Superyacht was delivered and handed over to her delighted owner in Summer 2009. The boat is berthed on the Italian Riviera.
Featuring many new design innovations to allow both crew and guests to live comfortably on board, the Trader 75 Superyacht will be the largest Trader on the water and has been designed to provide the ultimate in luxury.
Designers have worked cleverly on the internal layout of the new Trader 75 to ensure that guests and crew can be accommodated separately which is unusual for a craft this size. Eight guests can be accommodated in four magnificent en-suite cabins, and two to three crew accommodated in a self-
contained crew suite, which has direct access to the galley, exterior decks and engine room, allowing complete separation from the guest party when required.
Inside, the Trader 75 is light and airy having been fitted throughout with Anigre, a light tan hardwood,
and a range of luxurious contemporary furnishings and fabrics. The main deck of the interior is a full 44ft from aft deck doors to windscreen and includes a full beam saloon, galley and dining area as well as a separate day head, wheelhouse with viewing seats and internal stairs to the flybridge.
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